KYT & Friends NFL S4 Week 2

by KYT
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The Salt King cavemankellen finally took down a week thanks to the continued heroics of one Dak Prescott. The Cowboy quarterback is off to a scorching hot start and it’ll be exciting to see if his play continues this weekend.

smi77y has decided to late-join the fray, so the prizes are going to be boosted a little. Every weekly winner now earns themselves ~$9.55.

Current Standings
andyawkward: 8 (1 win)
cavemankellen: 8 (1 win)
kerplar: 5
khemi: 5
kytmagic: 5
ijwtsomf: 4
senordarko: 3
finalnub: 2
dr0x: 2
dunkicon: 2
spencer13h: 2
shamstrom: 2
smi77y: 2

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