KYT & Friends NFL S4 Week 1

by KYT
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Despite being made fun of in the league for having a Ravens stack against his Dolphins defense, Andy’s unique plays of Keenan Allen and Marquise Brown just put him too far ahead for it to matter. He takes down the first weekly prize of $8.82.

With 12 participants, the prize pool distribution this year will be $75 for 1st, $45 for 2nd and $30 for 3rd. Each weekly winner will win $8.82. The KYT league mimics regular DFS in that it rewards spiking.

As for the leaderboard point distribution, it will go as follows: 1st -> 7, 2nd -> 4, 3rd -> 3, 4th ->2. Every other participant will earn 1 point.

Current Standings
andyawkward: 7
kerplar: 4
kytmagic: 3
senordarko: 2
khemi: 1
finalnub: 1
dr0x: 1
dunkicon: 1
cavemankellen: 1
ijwtsomf: 1
spencer13h: 1
shamstrom: 1

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